Get a link to see your visitor’s log in any notification e-mail sent by Gravity Forms.

You have now the information to improve the effectiveness of your website.

Works with any website with WordPress, Gravity Forms and Piwik.
We provide Piwik hosting for a small extra fee, no setup for you 😉


Viewing your visitor’s log will help you to inscrease the security of your process and to prevent potential fraud.


You will be able to check how many times your visitor went to your website before filling the form.


Your website analytics will help you to know which pages are the most determinant for your business.


Our support teams bring expert, flexible, ever-learning staff.
Just submit a ticket to get help.


Here’s Why You Should Use Gravity Tracking Plugin

Flexible Pricing Plans

Be aware that some privacy tools used by some of your visitors
may disable the tracking process and can’t be logged.

Buy Gravity Tracking for Just $99 – Instant Download

Our plugin requires you own the Gravity Forms plugin and you have a Piwik instance.
All licenses must be renewed after one calendar year for continued software updates.
Discounted renewal rates available for a limited time.

All purchases are subject to our terms and condition of use.