Gravity Tracking plugin allows you to add a link to the visitor’s log in any e-mail notification sent by Gravity Forms. To achieve it, you need to have:

  1. Gravity Forms plugin
  2. Gravity Tracking plugin
  3. A Piwik instance for your website

To sum up, Gravity Tracking will link Gravity Forms to Piwik by identifying the visitor Piwik ID and including it to Gravity Forms notifications.

Piwik is a web analytics application. It tracks online visits and displays reports on these visits for analysis. Here what Piwik can display to you:

  • Geographic location of visits
  • The source of visits (i.e. whether they came from another website, directly, or from a search engine website)
  • The technical capabilities of visitors (browser, screen size, operating system, etc.)
  • What the visitor did (page they viewed, actions they took, how they left)
  • The time of visits

Installing Piwik may be a little bit complicated, so, if you don’t have a Piwik platform or don’t know, or don’t want to install one, we provide our own Piwik platform, so you can use it easily, and start tracking your visitors immediately and effortlessly.

How to get started?

First, you must have:

  • An existing form on your website, made with Gravity Forms
  • A notification sent to you by Gravity Forms after each visitor’s submission

That’s all you need to start 🙂

How to install and set up the plugin?

  • You need to have the Gravity Forms plugin (any license)
  • Download the Gravity Tracking plugin using the link in the e-mail sent after your purchase
  • In the WordPress administration interface of your website, go to Plugins => Add New => Upload Plugin and upload the zip file
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  • Enter your license key to get the automatic updates of the plugin
  • Then, go to the Settings page of the plugin

    If you use our Piwik platform, you will have to enter your Piwik Authentication Token sent by e-mail after your subscription. If you use your own Piwik platform, you will have to enter the Piwik URL and the Site ID.
  • Last step: you have to insert the following tag to any notification to see the link to the visitor’s Piwik log

That’s it!

Now, every notification sent by Gravity Forms will include the link to the visitor’s Piwik log. If there is no link, that means that the visitor used some privacy tools to disable the tracking process, and nothing can be logged.

What does the tracking part look like?

Once the plugin is correctly set up, a new field will appear in the notification e-mail sent when a there is a new form submission. Here an example of the Gravity Forms notification with Gravity Tracking activated:

If you use our Piwik platform, you will need to set your password by clicking on the Reset Password link at Your e-mail address is your username.

After clicking on the link, you will access to the full log of the visitor who filled the form:

You will be able to track every action done by your visitor, even if the visitor is coming back after the form submission!

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