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Gravity Tracking allows you to easily track your website visitors from Gravity Forms notifications. For a small extra fee, it comes with Piwik, the analytics application. In this case, you don’t need to install any software on your web server. The plugin is enough.

To run the plugin, you need:

  • a website with WordPress and Gravity Forms
  • a Piwik instance. We can provide it for a small extra fee.

No. You need to purchase the plugin, and you need to have Gravity Forms, and a Piwik instance as a requirement. The Piwik instance can be included, for a small extra fee.

The installation instructions are available here.

We recommend that you use SSL on your domain, but it is not required.

You can purchase SSL certificates with our partner.

Some privacy tools used by some of your visitors may disable the tracking process and can’t be logged.

Install and configure this plugin:
It would help you to properly configure your mail settings, and you will be able to send a test mail to yourself.

We are checking the code of the plugin when there are security alerts about WordPress, to know if we are concerned or not, and if we need to do an update.

Usually, we are doing two or three updates a year, depending on security and feature issues. The updates are done automatically when the license key has been entered in the settings of the plugin. The updates appear on the Plugins page like any other plugin.

The updates are included during the first year. After the first year, a small fee will be ask to you to continue. However, the plugin will still continue to work even if you don’t renew the license.

If you have a hosting plan on our Piwik platform, you will have to set up your password at by clicking on the Reset Password link. Your e-mail address is your username. You will then receive an e-mail confirmation to validate your new password.

If you have lost your download link, open a new ticket below.

  • All code is implememented in readable PHP
  • You can check the source code
  • No binaries are loaded from a server or used embedded
  • No hidden transfer of plain text
  • The plugin is running only on your own server

If you need help and you don’t find any answer on this page, please open a new support ticket below.

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